Jinnah (DUAL FORMAT) (DVD & Blu-ray)

After his death in 1948, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Christopher Lee) awaits final judgement in the afterlife and must tell the story of his life, before celestial bureaucrats decide his fate. His story covers the intense political strife and bloody events that led to the formation of the Muslim nation of Pakistan. Attracting much controversy during production, but released to great acclaim, particularly in Pakistan, Jamil Dehlavi s Jinnah is an intelligent and moving piece of cinema, with a performance by Sir Christopher Lee that he personally believed to be the finest of his career.
基本資料 Information
Year 年份 1998
Country 國家 United Kingdom Pakistan India
Director 導演 Jamil Dehlavi
region 地區碼 2, B
format 影音格式 Bluray, DVD
Subtitles 字幕 英文
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