Super 8 Jahre/ Super 8 Videos DVD


Product Description

Super 8 Jahre is a noisy journey from Cologne to Corea, via Ibiza to Helsinki, from the Amazone to the lady«s room at the Nitsaclub in Barcelona; a personal, improvised documentary world of pictures accelerated by Graw Böckler - winners of the MuVi award 2001 for best German music clip at the International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen. This DVD-R contains super seven music clips, an Commercial for a concept promoting the building of a public pool in the inner city and the Making Of with photographs of super 8 years.


1) Why, music: Donna Regina, 4:10 min.

2) This Time last Year, music: Mantler, 3:50 min.

3) Because, music: Ulf Lohmann, 3:50 min.

4) Regensburg RMX, music: Markus Guentner, 3:11 min.

5) So weit wie noch nie, music: Jürgen Paape, 3:34 min.

6) Mein Vorschlag: Friesenbad, music: Formfreak by Danmass 6:37 min. + english version I suggest: Friesenpool.

7) Ursula, track: Thomas Brinkmann 9:30 min.

8) Villa E, track: out of limbo by Niobe 7:10 min. + Making Of including all tracks from the dvd, 22:13 min. + Credits, 4:32 min.

Year 年份 2001
Country 國家 Germany
Director 導演 VA
region 地區碼 All Region
format 影音格式 DVD
Subtitles 字幕 未定義 Undefined
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