Rio Grande (1950) (Oliver Signature Collection) BR


Rio Grande (Oliver Signature Collection) Rio Grande (Oliver Signature Collection) Blu-ray Qty: ADD TO CARTBlu-ray List Price: $39.95Price: $23.95You Save: $16.00 (40%) Description Rio Grande, the third and final installment in John Ford’s loosely-conceived Cavalry Trilogy (preceded by Fort Apache and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon) stars John Wayne as Lt. Col. John Kirby Yorke (the role he inhabited in Fort Apache) alongside Maureen O’Hara (in the first of five films she’d co-star in alongside Wayne) as his estranged wife, Kathleen, a woman set on keeping their son, Jefferson (Claude Jarman Jr., The Yearling), now under Yorke’s command, out of harm’s way.

Filmed throughout Moab, Utah and the majestic Professor Valley – photographed in exquisite gradations of black and white by Stagecoach cinematographer Bert Glennon – Rio Grande offers nuanced observations on love, family, and honor, while firmly adhering to the western genre, showing Ford at his most measured and mature as a storyteller.

Written by James Kevin McGuinness (Men of Boys Town) based on the Saturday Evening Post story by James Warner Bellah, Rio Grande features J. Carrol Naish and a supporting cast of familiar faces, many of them from the Ford stock company of actors including Harry Carey, Jr., Ben Johnson, Victor McLaglen, Chill Wills, and Grant Withers."


- New High-Definition digital restoration

- Audio commentary by Nancy Schoenberger

- ""Telling Real Histories""

– Raoul Trujillo on representations of Indigenous Americans in film

- ""Songs of the Rio Grande""

– Marc Wanamaker on the Sons of the Pioneers

- ""Strength and Courage"" – Patrick Wayne on his father

- ""Bigger Than Life""

– with Claude Jarman, Jr.

- Visual essay by Tag Gallagher

- ""The Making of Rio Grande""

– with Leonard Maltin

- Essay by Paul Andrew Hutton

- Theatrical trailer

Rio Grande takes place after the Civil War when the Union turned their attention towards the Apaches. Union officer Kirby Yorke is in charge of an outpost on the Rio Grande in which he is in charge of training of new recruits one of which is his son whom he hasn't seen in 15 years. He whips him into shape to take on the Apaches but not before his mother shows up to take him out of there.The decision to leave is left up to Trooper Yorke who decides to stay and fight. Through it all Kirby and Kathleen though separated for years fall back into love and decide that it's time to give it another try. But Yorke faces his toughest battle when his unorthodox plan to outwit the elusive Apaches leads to possible court-martial. Locked in a bloody Indian war, he must fight to redeem his honor and save the love and lives of his broken family.
基本資料 Information
Year 年份 1950
Country 國家 USA
Director 導演 John Ford
region 地區碼 A
format 影音格式 Bluray
Subtitles 字幕 英文
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