Make More Noise: Suffragettes in Silent Film DVD

Bad behaviour, noise, clamour and violence are not traits normally associated with British women - but for the first 15 years of the twentieth, fearless females fought with the authorities, and society at large, to make themselves heard. At the same time, cinema was becoming established as a dominant art form, and the suffragettes made it their business to get in front of the cameras. Make More Noise! combines documentary footage of the suffragettes' public activities with comedy films of the period, which joyously pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable behaviour. These gloriously anarchic pre-war comedies are full of bright sparks like the Tilly girls (starring Alma Taylor and Chrissie White) who gleefully disobey society's strictures. Women are seen acting like men, dressing in men's trousers and even leaving the men at home minding the babies. The films reveal how girls and women were already acting differently, had higher aspirations and expected more freedom than their grandmothers could have imagined, going against conventional wisdom that female emancipation was a result of war-time changes. Special features Suffragette Demonstration in London (1910, 3 mins): newsreel of an early suffragette mass march Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor (1910, 6 mins): The Tilly girls star in this mischievous comedy London Factory Girls on Strike in Camden Town (1911, 27 secs): newsreel footage of the strikers Suffragette Pageant in London (1911, 1 min): footage of the Women's Coronation Procession London Church Completely Destroyed by Fire (1913, 1 min): newsreel of an arson attack St Leonards Outrage (1913, 1 min): footage of an arson attack on a MP's home Suffragette Derby of 1913 (1913, 5 mins): Gaumont's footage of the 1913 Derby Law Abiding Suffragists in Hyde Park (1913, 1 min): a mass NUWSS meeting Suffragettes Again (1913, 1 min): newsreel of an arson attack in Plymouth Trafalgar Square Meeting (1916, 1 min): Mrs Pankhurst and Mrs Dacre Fox address the crowd Labour's First Woman MP (1922, 14 secs): short clip of Susan Lawrence Lady Astor (Conservative) in Again for Plymouth (1923, 13 secs): the first female MP celebrates another win Illustrated booklet with essays by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Bryony Dixon and Lillian Henley, film notes and credits
基本資料 Information
Year 年份 1899 - 1917
Country 國家 UK
Director 導演 VA
region 地區碼 2
format 影音格式 DVD
Subtitles 字幕 未定義 Undefined
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