AP01 (1 piece)


The ArtPakk is an art bag that has been developed by a Framer, Gallery owner and an Artist. With first-hand knowledge in the industry and awareness of standards needed to project artworks and frames. These bags are easy to use, re-usable, have a re-sealable flap, an acid free soft lining, which is especially good for resin works or oils as the bubble won’t imprints onto the surface of the painting.



Size: 350mm x 400mm

ArtPakk size 1 is the smallest size available.

It also makes a great protective Laptop case as well as protecting works of art and frames.

20cm Flap
Label Holder 85x55mm

External Dimensions:
13 3/4 x 15 3\4 inch

Internal Dimensions:
12 5/8 x 15 inch

MAX. internal dimensions including the flap 

10cm / 4 inch
12 5/8 x 18 7/8 inch

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