LOST Magazine (Issue 8 2021)


LOST is a magazine about self-discovery through travel.
It is a magazine that features real stories, personal reflections and epiphanies from people around the world. It believes that travel isn’t about fancy hotels or tourist destinations, but about immersing oneself in someplace entirely foreign to feel extremely uncomfortable so that one can learn from it. It believes that travel is a state of mind.



Featured stories:
Alex Gray returns to his hometown in Suffolk to gather his thoughts and take shelter during the pandemic in “A Quiet Edge of England”.

Cheney Chu shares the strange but also heartwarming adventures he had during his first ever trip to Tokyo all by himself in “Strange Yet Familiar”.

Manuela Mitevova & Claudio Silva discover the essence of emptiness when they arrive at the semi-desert of Azerbaijan in “In Search Of The Empty”.

Michael Guo ponders over the core of Shanxi during his visit to the province in “The Weight of Shanxi”.

Phoebe Wu goes on a trip to check out Mongolia, but loses her wallet and gets drunk on home-made vodka in “Buuz & Snooze”.

Issue Eight stories:
A Quiet Edge Of England / A Strong Wind / Strange Yet Familiar / Doors In The Rainforest / In Search Of The Empty / The Weight Of Shanxi / Over And Under The Mantle Of The Himalayas / Lost Hours / A Telescope Lens / Buuz & Snooze

Issue Eight Contributors:
Alex Gray
Brynn Pedrick
Cheney Chu
Daniel Hudon
Manuela Mitevova & Claudio Silva
Michael Guo
Miguel Neves
Nicolas Farade
Mike Cuglietta
Phoebe Wu



在疫情間,Alex Gray 回歸到他的老家薩福克,去避難並整理自己的思緒。他在「英格蘭的寂靜一角 」分享了他的經歷以及一些反思。

在「陌生卻熟悉」中,Cheney Chu 分享了他第一次獨自去東京的旅程里所經歷的許多陌生又溫馨的意外,讓他對住在東京的人有了全新的認識。

「尋找空無」闡述了 Manuela Mitevova & Claudio Silva 如何在抵達阿塞拜疆大草原後發現了空無的奧義。

在去山西的一趟旅行中,Michael Guo 對自己提出了一個空洞不堪的問題:「山西的內核究竟是什麼?」 他在「山西的重量」里分享了他的答案。

在「布茲與瞌睡」中,Phoebe Wu 去了蒙古旅行,但不幸把自己的錢包弄丟了,也在路途上因為喝自制伏特加而昏過去了。


英格蘭的寂靜一角 / 一陣強風 / 陌生卻熟悉 / 雨林之門 / 尋找空無 / 山西的重量 / 在喜馬拉雅面紗的內與外 / 迷失時間 / 望遠鏡鏡頭 / 布茲與瞌睡

基本資料 Information
出版社 LOST Magazine
出版日期 2021年8月1日
書籍語言 中文及英文
釘裝 平裝
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