CITIx60: Istanbul

The Galata Bridge which spans the Golden Horn is the perfect symbol for todays Istanbul, which has always been at the crossroads of the old and the new and of east and west. Part open-air museum, part modern metropolis, it has been exposed to numerous cultural influences over the millennia, each leaving behind a little of their essence. This brand-new guide in the bestselling CITIX60 series explores everything Istanbul has to offer an open-minded traveler, from the modernism of Atatrk Cultural Centre, to the neoclassicism of the Haydarpa?a Terminal. Lose yourself in Yelde?irmeni, where international street artists make their mark, or the Dolapdere Sunday Market where treasures can be found for a pittance. Sample masterful traditional cuisine at the Asltane restaurant before drinks at the ultra hip Zeplin bar. Serefe!
基本資料 Information
作者 Victionary
出版社 Victionary
出版日期 2016年5月1日
書籍語言 英文
頁數 132
釘裝 平裝
作者簡介 About the Author Viction: ary and viction: workshop were founded by Victor Cheung in 2001 in Hong Kong to create vibrant visual experiences and to bring together diverse international designers.
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