Man Meets Dog (Routledge Classics)

In this wonderful book, the famous scientist and best-selling author, Konrad Lorenz, 'the man who talked with animals', enlightens and entertains us with his illustrated account of the unique relationship between humans and their pets. Displaying Lorenz's customary humanity and expert knowledge of animals, Man Meets Dog is also a deeply personal and entertaining account of his relationships with his own four-legged friends. With charming sketches on almost every page, Man Meets Dog offers a delightful insight into animal and human thinking and feeling. An essential companion for all lovers of dogs (and cats!).
基本資料 Information
作者 Konrad Lorenz
出版社 Routledge
出版日期 2008年8月9日
書籍語言 英文
頁數 224
釘裝 平裝
作者簡介 About the Author Konrad Lorenz (1903-89). Pioneering and world-renowned scientist of animal behaviour. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Psychology in 1973.
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