Criterion Collection: Scanners DVD

Scanners are blessed and cursed with extraordinary psychic powers that allow them to manipulate and sense the functions in the bodies of others. This power is involuntary in nature, causing serious problems for those gifted with it. The opportunistic defense firm ConSec has initiated a project to enlist as many of the world's 237 Scanners as possible and manipulate them for ConSec's own ends. One particularly powerful scanner, Darryl Revok, is unwilling to give in to ConSec's advances and intends to start a war against them. In response, ConSec earns the trust of another extremely powerful scanner named Cameron Vale by medicating him to suppress the external voices in head, after which they set him on a collision course with Revok to stop his revolution.
基本資料 Information
Year 年份 1981
Country 國家 Canada
Director 導演 David Cronenberg
region 地區碼 1
format 影音格式 DVD
Subtitles 字幕 英文
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