Ingrid Bergman (Great Stars)


'Ingrid Bergman was far more than just a sweet, virtuous, 'natural' Swedish girl - she was a dark sensualist over whom many men might go mad. Her very gaze delivered a climate of adult romantic expectation'. Adored by millions for her luminous beauty and elegance, at the height of her career Ingrid Bergman commanded a love that has hardly ever been matched, until her marriage fell apart and created an international scandal. Here renowned film writer David Thomson gives his own unique and original take on a woman who was constantly driven by her passions and by her need to act, even if it meant sacrificing everything.

基本資料 Information
作者 David Thomson
出版社 Penguin Books Ltd
出版日期 2009年8月27日
書籍語言 英文
釘裝 平裝
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