Perils Of The New Land: Films of the Immigrant Experience - 1910 - 1915 (Traffic in Souls / The Italian) DVD


Flickering like the cinematic dinosaurs that they are, this double feature harkens back to the immigrant explosion on the early end of the 20th century and highlights the supposed dangers faced in the New World.

Includes Traffic in Souls (1913), The Italian (1915) and three short theme-related bonus films: Police Force, New York City (1910), The Call of the City (1912) and McQuade of the Traffic Squad (1915). 2 DVDs. Silent. B&w/4 hrs/NR/fullscreen.

Year 年份 1910 - 1915
Country 國家 USA
Director 導演 George Loane Tucker
region 地區碼 1
format 影音格式 DVD
Subtitles 字幕 未定義 Undefined
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